Hey YOU!

Welcome to my new blog! Whether you are my friend, family member, teacher/professor, acquaintance, stranger or even my enemy, I warmly invite you to walk alongside me on my journey… well at least read about it/engage with me about it!

Without getting into much detail, the past year has transformed me in ways I had never imagined… all in beautiful and ugly ways. But one of the things that helped me keep my head above water was writing. Writing has always been a deep passion of mine, as it was my outlet for self-expression and creativity ever since I was a young girl. However, I diverted from it my first 2.5 years of college, and took a completely different road and majored in economics.

However, I took my first official creativity writing class second semester of my junior year, and that has completely reshaped my life. Timing is everything. I could not have picked a more perfect time to take this creative writing class. It was everything I needed to heal from the monotony and devaluation of life I was experiencing for a long time. During the semester before this class, I was officially diagnosed with chronic depression and anxiety (although I was dealing with the symptoms for quite awhile now. I finally built up the courage to start facing it, and sought for help back in November). Each week, the authors I read spoke to me on a level of deepness and peacefulness that I was not expecting. Each author made me re-evaluate the state of mind and the sequence of events that happened to me during the week the reading was assigned. I truly enjoyed writing every piece, as the time I took writing them was usually the only time of the week when I could pause the chaos of life and do something for myself, for my sanity. Also, I often used these writing pieces as starting points at my therapy sessions, which allowed me to understand the piece, understand myself on an even deeper level. I loved that class/professor so much that I’m taking another class with the same professor this semester!

The title of this website, Best Imperfections, seems a bit paradoxical to a person like me. Without a doubt, I am a “type A” perfectionist. I get very frustrated when thing don’t go as planned, or if things that I haven’t account for, occur. But in harsh reality, life is messy and shitty, and you can never be prepared for what’s going to happen next. Life is completely imperfect, but I always try to make the “best” out of those “imperfections.”

Instead of using Facebook as my public diary, I’m going to use this new website. While I want my voice to be heard, this website is going to be more for myself and my road to recovery than it is for publicity/bragging. But it’d be super cool if you come along on my journey and see me as just as messed up/confused as everyone else, rather than the “inspiration” that society often view people like me.

So here goes nothing!

One thought on “An Invitation to My Journey

  1. I’m so proud of you. Ever since I met you at your GPB President’s interview before your initiation I have watch you through Face Book and always think Sarah is so strong. Now you are revealing your doubts and Journey. Happy to join you.


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